Who I am..?

WELCOME to building Dressings….. Not with clothes but with colors & ideas.

HI…! This is Tanwir,

Today so many people are curious and desperate to live a healthy and comfortable way of life. The information and practice regarding healthy living and comfortable way of life at present is far out reachable than ever before. 

Even I, from a very young age have been influenced by different types of living standard. I lived a life where no aircon was available once, and Water was raised from wells by bucket and rope for drinking and drainage from buildings would be dumped in nearby ponds. Now that I am older and hopefully fortunate enough to find this prized knowledge, education and experience and would like to share it to the world. I talk lot about technical subjects of Building Services such as HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Fighting. I also intend to do some small to middle sized projects for myself, so that I may be equipped with the latest trends of the industry and put food on my table. Lastly, I hope this website finds you and furnish you with ample knowledge as well as bring you and your loved ones valuable information. 


After doing my M.Tech in Thermal Sciences from esteemed Aligarh Muslim University, I tried to fit in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Industry. I faced a challenges that made me ever stronger. The set of engineering practices used in this industry was different, than what I learnt in University. The rules as I see now were simple such as limit to the velocity of air in ducts, friction loss constants…etc.etc. During my professional career, I learnt a lot about HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting and Sewer and Drainage systems from more experienced people and their knowledge enlightened me. I do not say that I know everything; still I am on learning curve. But yes I could feel the weight of knowledge and I felt internal satisfaction. So, now those experiences drives me to share these knowledge to the world for whom it may be rewarding. For this, I hope this channel of communication will help me reach out to them. 


Why you are Here..?

Usually Building services professionals use fancy words such as Green Building…OR My building is LEED certified. Terms so confusing.

Seriously, these BIG words make me want to puke because 99.9% of the population could care less.

Fact: If you don’t start investing for yourself, no one else will.

That’s why I’m here. And that’s why I’m excited and grateful that you are here.

My mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help you gain all the knowledge to dress your building yourself. Make your building Green if you wish. You can experience what  you can yourself design and implement and save thousands of Bucks, not giving to the consultants. And my friends, this saving tastes delicious!

Its YOU who will make the difference…


One of my colleagues in Our Mechanical Services, is technically competent in other aspect of design especially in building services. I wish him good luck for his future endeavor.
Roger Pabustan


Aligarh Muslim University is a place where we learn Trust and Promises to be kept silently.


Meeting your Design demands with greater speed.


Free yourself from Design Restrictions.


Our design are Creative in nature,Best to suit the project.