Fire Fighting Drawing

1. Arrangement of upright sprinkler head

2. Fire Extinguisher mounting detail

3. FHC detail

4. Fire department connection detail

5. Fire department connection mounting detail

6. Fire Pumps schematics

7. Fire sprinkler inspectors test valve

8. Flow meter connection detail

9. Os& Y connection mounting  detail

10. Pendent sprinkler connection detail

11. Pendent sprinkler head

12. Upright sprinkler head

13. Pipe Hanger detail

14. Arrangement of upright sprinkler head

15. Arrangement of upright sprinkler head

16. Pump details

17. Fire Fighting sizing details

18.Sprinkler riser and Alarm check valve Connection details

19. Sprinkler Test pipe detail

20. Test and drain connection detail

21. Pipe connection details

22. Welded and Flush connection detail

23. Zone control valve detail